We have not had the start to the season we all wanted but on a brighter note, our pitch is holding up really well.

The SSFA, all clubs and volunteers have been working extremely hard to try to get as many games played as possible.

As we have had a lot of rounds postponed and moved, I have listed below the upcoming rounds and further important information for you.

Saturday Competitions and Mini Roos
Saturday 28 MAY – Round 3 rescheduled to this date
Saturday 4 JUNE – Round 5 (refer below note re draw publication)
Saturday 11 JUNE – Round 6
Monday 13 June – Round 7
Saturday 18 June – Round 8

Sunday Competitions
Sunday 29 MAY – Round 5 (refer below note re draw publication)
Sunday 5 JUNE – Round 6
Sunday 12 JUNE – Round 7
Sunday 19 June – Round 8

Regrading decisions for Sunday competitions have now been finalised and clubs will be advised accordingly.

Regrades for Saturday competitions will now be moved back another week (still dependent upon the first four rounds being played).

Note that Regrading after four (4) rounds also prohibits further Saturday rounds (i.e. Round 5 onwards) from being published.

An up-to-date list of ‘round by date’ for the entire season is available via the following link:

Points of note are:

  • Saturday competition including MiniRoos will play on Monday 13th June (Queen’s Birthday weekend), and
  • The spare weekend of the Finals series has now been reallocated for a scheduled Round.
  • Assuming there is no further loss of rounds due to wet weather, the following will occur:
    – Saturday Competition teams (Including MiniRoos) will play 16 rounds of football in 2022; and
    – Sunday Competition teams will also play 16 rounds of football in 2022.
  • The Final Series will be played on the following dates :
    – Semi Finals 20th / 21st August 2022
    – Finals 27th / 28th August 2022
    – Grand Finals 3rd / 4th September 2022

Sunday Round 3 Un-played Matches.

There are 30 games to be played as catch-up matches to finalise the round. The decision by the SSFA EC was that these matches should be played in an attempt to complete the entire round so those games that were played would not be void. These un-played matches will be drawn onto appropriate fields midweek in an attempt to complete all of these matches. Potentially it could take in excess of 5 weeks to do this. Once a midweek game is drawn there will be NO changes made. Inability to play said match as drawn will result in a forfeit (i.e. loss of 3-0) with no forfeit fee charged.

The EC will continue to make decisions to play matches on wet weekends (Saturday and Sunday) similar to the decisions made on Sunday 22nd May, that is, play matches at fields deemed playable by Clubs (and particularly MiniRoos). The EC reserves the right to abandon all matches on a Saturday or Sunday should this be deemed most appropriate. In the event that all games in a grade are unable to be played it is unlikely that those ‘not played’ matches will be redrawn. Therefore, the results of some of the matches that have been played will be void. Note that catch up matches will be/are problematic and will be considered on an exceptional basis.

Many thanks for all your continued support at our family friendly club.

Your President

Andy Neudegg

President, Caringbah Redbacks Football Club

Mobile : 0410 691285