Please find listed below updates for your information:

  • FFA/ FNSW have today announced that the best case commencement date for football to be played will now be delayed until at least 31 May 2020. This would mean that round 1 of the SSFA season would kick off on Saturday 6 June. The SSFA EC proposes, in this scenario, that we would look to play 14 rounds (with wash outs reducing this number) with no finals series. That is, first past the post would be considered the Premiers. It is noted that the date is aspirational.

In short the season is under Suspension and has not been Cancelled.

The SSFA will redraft the Program and the Competition Dates documents to reflect this change (both of these documents can be found at )

  • Given these uncertain times the SSFA Office will now close effective Friday 3 April with all staff being stood down until further notice. The SSFA has applied for the federal government Job Keeper program and if successful the staff will be reinstated as soon as possible thereafter. In the meantime clubs are asked to send all Correspondence to both and as both emails will be regularly monitored.
  • It is also expected that SSFA Executive Committee and Club General Meetings will still be held as scheduled (refer These meetings will however likely be held via ‘Zoom’ as per previous advice.
  • Thank you to those clubs that have provided input on our possible scenario to transfer the 2020 season into 2021. It is expected that this will be discussed at the next Club General Meeting.
  • Note that the SSFA is in constant communication with FNSW and that further information will be provided in respect of the FNSW levy, the FFA levy and Insurance costs as it becomes available.

I reinforce that we are all in this together, that a significant amount of work has already been undertaken by clubs and the SSFA to get us to where we are today and that everybody will bear varying levels of financial stress as a result of Covid 19.  We will continue to share information as it comes to hand (in this evolving landscape) and appreciate your support.


Matt Brady
Sutherland Shire Football Association