Saturday Set up

  • Usually only given to U6 and U7 teams on a Saturday from 7am
  • We need 2 or 3 parents from each team to help set up the fields for the day.
  • There will be a committee member available directing the field set up and allocating duties.
  • Ideally the set up crew should remain available to change the field set up after the first games.

Ground Control

  • Saturday – 2 people for BBQ, 2 for Canteen and 2 for ground control (orange vests)
  • Sunday – 2 for BBQ and 2 for ground control
  • Ground control means you wear an orange vest and stand or move around where the spectators are. Do not stand in the technical area or in the canteen or BBQ area. Your responsibilities are to monitor on field and off field incidents and spectator behavior. You also have to authority to eject people from the ground if their behavior is that bad.
  • See link for more info :

Saturday Pack Away (last team)

  • Bring in flags and rope etc, leave out big goals and banners

Sunday Set up (first team on ground control)

  • Put out rope, spiked rope holders and flags

Sunday Pack Away (Last team)

  • Bring in flags and ropes to gear room (flags go in the wheelie bin)
  • Bring in sponsors banners (fold neatly and leave on the wheelbarrow – don’t throw on the floor)
  • Wheel big goals over to the fence on the Northern side of the ground and PADLOCK (A Key) to the fence and replace the white clips that have fallen off the goals
  • Take out red bins to the street for collection (and yellow if directed)
  • Ensure all lights turned off in changing rooms, gear rooms and in particular toilets in the changing rooms.

Thanks heaps to everyone who helps us keep this great club running. Without you volunteering each week , we would not be able to operate.