Message from Club President: Season 2021 Update

Dear Club members,

The SSFA held a meeting with all clubs on Friday night and due to the uncertainty of future lockdowns and the remaining time we have left before Summer sport begins, there was no other option than to cancel the rest of this season.

Minor Premiers will be declared in all competitive divisions (U12 and above) based on the competition tables as they currently stand, adjusted where full rounds have not been completed for all teams in the same division. Each club will be advised of those teams that have been crowned Minor Premiers and will be provided relevant medallions as soon as possible.

Congratulations are therefore in order for the W21C, U13D and AL14 teams as they will be crowned Minor Premiers for 2021 !

As for any questions in relation to fees paid to the club, SSFA will be lobbying FNSW and FA to see if they can obtain a reduction in insurance cost and registration fees. Once we have a clear understanding of the total financial position of the club this year we may be able to look at ways to reduce the cost of football for our members (discount vouchers, rebates etc). Please can I ask that you bear with us while the details are worked through.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the volunteers at our club for the hard work that they have undertaken to ensure everybody is registered into a team and that we were ready to get out on the pitch each weekend before Covid closed us down. As I have mentioned previously, the club would not exist if it was not for our dedicated committee, coaches, managers and parents that all help out at our family friendly club.

A massive thank you for all your patience and understanding through this difficult time as I know it has not been easy for a lot of us personally too.

On a positive note, we will all be back bigger and better at our home ground next season with all mini-roo games and Friday night training (including the now famous Friday night BBQ) returning to our now beautiful Redbacks Stadium !

Please let me know if you have any questions, stay safe and hope to catch you up with you all personally soon.

Your President

Andy Neudegg