The weather has not been kind to us again and this weekend’s games have been postponed…

However , we have decided to let the kids play and have another gala day on Saturday.

Please see the list below for your game times..

Also, set up and BBQ duty etc will remain the same but start time will be 7.30 for Set up and 8.00am for BBQ and canteen duty.

8.30am – 9.20am   U6 and U7 teams – 7 small fields

U6B vs U6E

U6F vs U6G

U6I vs U7H

W6A vs W6B

U7A vs U7D

U7E1 vs U7F

U7E2 vs W7B

9.30am- 10.20am U8 and U9 team – 2 fields quarter

U9C/U8B vs U9C/U8E

W8D vs W9E

10.30am – 11.30am  – 2 fields Half

U10C vs U11C

U10E vs W10D