Setup and Ground control guidelines


Setup Guidelines

Teams that are rostered on for set up duty on Saturday are required to be at the ground by 7:00am until 11:00am they are required to set up the barbeque, goals, corner posts, field marker poles, sideline ropes, reserve benches, sponsor banners etc. as directed by the club official on duty. This task is more complex on Saturdays mornings for fields which are configured for the following age groups;

  1. Under 6 & Under 7 (30m long by 20m wide)
  2. Under 8 & Under 9 (Approximately one quarter field)
  3. Under 10 & Under 11 (Approximately half field)

At least four (4) people from each team will be required for the times nominated to set up from 7:00am in time for the first game at 8:00am. Configuration changes will be required during the morning depending on the age groups and game times.

Ground Control Guidelines

Teams that are rostered on ground control are required to have at least four (4) people to set up and pack up the barbeque, goals, field marker poles, sideline ropes, reserve benches, sweep the home and visitor change rooms. Large goal nets and sponsors banners can stay up on Saturday but will need to be packed away on Sunday afternoon.

There are a number of tasks required for Ground control each week, which are shown below along with the numbers of people required to assist with each task;

  1. Canteen – 2 people
  2. BBQ – 2 people
  3. Ground Control** – 2 people (must wear orange vests)

**An Association requirement is that at least two (2) people will wear orange vests and be visible on the ground keeping an eye out for the welfare of the children and be on the lookout for an unruly or suspicious behaviour towards any children, players and referees. Any concerns must be reported to the Committee member on duty.

In addition, all teams participating in a competition match shall nominate one (1) person (who is a responsible adult) for additional Ground Control. This person is responsible for the behaviour of their own spectators and must cooperate with the Club Ground Controllers at all times and must wear an orange Ground Control jacket.

The name of each competing team Ground Controller must be printed on the bottom of the match sheet in the space provided.

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