Refereeing Full Field Matches in 2023

Dear players, parents and coaches,

The Sutherland Shire Football Referees Association (SSFRA) is taking registrations for new referee courses for 2023. The SSFRA covers the SSFA full field matches under 12s and over (up to all ages). They only accept persons who will be 14yo on or before 1 April 2023. Refs can pick the hours and weekends they are available and make themselves available for as many or as few games as they want. We strongly encourage any interested players coaches managers and parents in those age brackets to take this opportunity. Refereeing gives players the opportunity to gain a new perspective and improve their understanding of the game. It also provides the opportunity to earn some extra money and enhance your fitness. 

Regular Courses – Sunday 5 March OR Wednesday 15/22 March 

The SSFRA is also running two standard courses on Sunday 5 March (4 hr half day) during the day ORon Wednesday 15/22 March during the evenings (2x2hrs – you need to attend both Wednesdays for that one) – These are open to everyone over the age of 14yo (or who will be 14yo by the start of the season), including any adults who can’t make the short course (see below). Details on these two courses can be found at

Adult Short Course  – Monday 6 March

This season, the SSFRA is again offering experienced players, coaches, managers, fans the opportunity to take a greatly shortened course (only 2hrs in-person instead of 1hr online + 4hrs in-person) that recognises the understanding of the game they have developed over years. They are also offering those who undertake this course a $100 bonus payment upon the completion of their 10th Sunday of refereeing. To register persons must be over 18, and have significant football experience.  This course is on Monday 6 March from 7pm-9pm. There is also no requirement to complete an online course before this course (in recognition of that experience). Go to for details on how to register.

WWC Check

Per FNSW policy all persons over 18 doing the course also need a full paid WWC check for $80 

More information/queries 

For further information about refereeing, or if the dates don’t quite work for you, or if you have queries during the online course, please contact the SSFRA at